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Juventus president Agnelli? If players own passport let them play

Any footballer who holds a passport for a particular country should be allowed to represent them on the football field.
That is Juventus president Andrea Agnelli's take on the hot topic that is dominating the build-up to the final round of European qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup.
Debate has raged in England after the country's national team manager Roy Hodgson revealed he had been looking at the latest starlet off the Manchester United production line -- Adnan Januzaj.
The Belgian-born 18-year-old has starred for the defending English Premier League champions this season and could qualify to play for England through residency rules if he stays in the country until he is 23.
Blog: 'Your country needs YOU! But which country?'
Arsenal's Jack Wilshere then raced headlong into the debate by telling a press conference while on England duty: "The only people who should play for England are English people."
Those remarks only served to transcend the dispute across the sporting spectrum as England cricketer Kevin Pietersen,Beats Sverige, South African by birth but with an English mother, challenged Wilshere's view.
The owner of 99 Test caps for England pointed to Tour de France winner Chris Froome and double Olympic champion Mo Farah as examples of sportsmen who competed under the United Kingdom banner but who were born in another country.
"It's very difficult -- we live in a global world, in a truly globalized environment," Agnelli told CNN World Sport.
"In a global world when you're entitled to have a passport of a country and you have legislation for that, you should be entitled to play for the national team of that country.
"My wife is English and I've got two kids -- they were born in Italy -- how I should go back home and explain to my wife that they couldn't wear the English national team (jersey)?
"When you think about nationality, are they English? Their mother is English but they were born in Italy. I have other friends who have different nationalities (of parents) and were born in a third country.
2014 World Cup: Is Belgium football's coming force?
"Maybe they were born in a different country just because of a momentary placement for a job but would they represent that nationality or would they feel something different?"
Agnelli has stabilized Italian giants Juventus since he assumed the presidency in May 2010, with the club still dealing from the fall out of the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal that saw them relegated to the second tier in Italy.
In the three years he's been in charge Agnelli has overseen Juve's return as Italy's most successful club, winning two Serie A titles in a row, and their move to a new stadium,Beats by dre, which has helped strengthen the club financially.
Juve are this season gunning for a third straight Serie A crown, matching their achievement of 80 years ago, but he still thinks Italy's top league has a long way to go to match the powerhouse trio of domestic competitions in England, Spain and Germany.
"Serie A is not where it was in the 1980s and 1990s when it was the fabulous destination for every football player," he explained. "I think we have to catch up a lot of ground we have lost in the recent past.
"At the moment we are fourth and we should be more considered about the countries behind, like France & Portugal,Monster Beats, from a UEFA ranking point of view rather than catching up with who is in front of us.
"Italy needs to go through a structural reform of the way we run football before we can actually aspire again to clinch third place, then move up the ladder to become number one."
Premier League dream for Bigirimana after 'miracle journey'
This week the finest players in Europe are preparing to represent their countries as the final round of World Cup qualifiers determine who makes it to Brazil in 2014.
But looming large in the background are the issues that surround the tournament that is still nine years away -- the proposed 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Football's world governing body FIFA last week set up a task force to investigate the possibility of moving the 2022 competition from Qatar's summer to winter, to avoid the searing heat that could affect both players and fans alike.
No final verdict will be offered before the latest installment in Brazil has been completed but any shift in date would have huge ramifications for Europe's leagues and clubs.
But Agnelli is confident a solution that suits everyone can be settled upon. "I think the fact there is a lot of chat is good because everyone within the football family wants to make sure the right decision is made," he added.
&quot,Billiga Monster;I think there has been a clear position from the FIFA executive committee which is a decision will be taken following the 2014 World Cup Brazil 2014 -- that should leave plenty of time to make the right decision,Beats By Dr Dre.
"Moving a World Cup from June or July when it is normally played to a different month is a huge involvement. We tend to speak a lot about the players who actually take part in the competition but that is the minority, you have to think about what the rest of the football family will do.
"We have to understand what the calendar will look like, how we will make the players rest,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, is it going to be a one year change of calendar.
"What is important is that the clubs' point of view will be listened to and I think European Club Association will make sure that point of view will be well represented within the right bodies."
Agnelli also acknowledged the wider issues involved with shunting the date of one of the most watched sporting events on the planet, including the agreements that would have to be struck with television broadcasters.
"You have to understand the TV broadcasters will have their own say -- every player involved will have a point of view," he said.
"You clearly sold to the American broadcasters a product that should be taking place in June or July and you are going to put it throughout the regular season of NFL, NBA and NHL -- will that have the same value?
"There are a lot of players which need to come to an agreement, I'm quite sure with the good will of everybody a good solution will be found in the interests of football itself."
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Chris Paul Shoes with a gold quarter UO5

The endangered doekvoet dassie will miss Graham as will the inhabitants of the entire Robertson/Swellendam regionStv:Photo by Alexander Stein Last year, ?did an , where he revealed that the members of ?were asked to reunite to do one song for a film Vincent, Johnny Marr, Isaac Brock, and more, and Armisen and Brownstein in 2011-2012 With 26% of the vote, the NDP would get 81 seats
(AP) Authorities say a semi-truck slammed into an Illinois State Police squad car in Chicago's northern suburbs, causing both vehicles to burst into flames and killing a state trooper Still, Rotman was encouraged that NDP support did not shrink We can call it Bostok vir Woodstock as the vines were planted in the Summer of Love, when Janice Joplin was tripping the light fantastic with her Kozmik Blues Band and Jimi Hendrix was burning his guitarThe Canadian political landscape shifted on Sunday, with the confirmation that Justin Trudeau would be the next Liberal leader and an NDP convention that saw the party distance itself from its socialist roots "We see somebody Chris Paul Shoes that we work with every day get hit with this, just out of the blue, and it makes you realize
The reason is simple: pay, or lack of itIm very hopeful despite the political games being played by the NDP that we will see the Keystone pipeline approved soonFederal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair travelled to Washington in March to criticize Canadas environmental record and the pipelineS Meanwhile, , Steenberg is the oldest wine farm in the Constantia Valley, one of South Africas premier wine growing regions so Con and Groot have missed Kobe VIII Elite the boatAuthorities had Cheap Kobe Shoes previously said Dzhokhar exchanged gunfire with them for more than an hour Friday night before they captured him inside a boat covered by a tarp in a suburban Boston neighborhood backyard
Gov "It's hard for me to say the words Trudeau, whose father was well known for battling against Quebec independence and opposing many demands for the province to have more power in the federation, also said he was sad to see Quebecers losing their influence in federal government decisionsCharges against the grandparents were dismissed in 2008 because the case had gone cold
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Wrongful Death Lawyer Providing Justice in Your Personal Injury Cases

A wrongful death pertains to cases where the death of the person in case has been caused due to the direct negligence or carelessness of another person. A wrongful death lawyer can come to be of immense help in cases regarding such deaths.
A wrongful death might be iphone 4s cases direct or indirect, intentional or just caused by plain misfortune. Till sometime back there was no formal provision for this kind of a wrongful death law. The obvious logic was that the claimant was dead in person and with him also ended his claims to his rights. But over several years of gradual transition to amendments and changes this Law was finally incorporated to benefit the remaining member of family to the deceased people. The credit for this huge transformation in a way goes to the unending toil and diligence put in by the credible and senior wrongful death lawyer and human rights activists.
However as it may sound, it is not that straightforward to file a case for wrongful death with the help of a wrongful death lawyer for support and guidance. Under the laws only some selective relatives are permitted to make use of this law with the guidance from lawyers to go ahead and file a case to be reckoned with. These select relatives can be legal heirs as in the immediate dependents on the deceased person. The list mainly comprises wife of the concerned person, his children, http://www.ivcases.com and parents of the deceased, dependent minors who have been staying in the house premises for a minimum of 6 months and step relations as well.
In case of no heirs being present whatsoever, certain minor amendments to this law are permissible but again only under the supervision of a certified and registered wrongful death lawyer.
If we look back at some of the related statistics in this regard, we have some startling figures and facts which might be difficult to believe at the first instance. To start with such kinds of wrongful deaths happen at the alarming frequency of less than five minutes all over the world as reported by practicing wrongful death lawyer. More than a million cases of such wrongful death cases have been regularly recorded each year since the turn of the new century. Though most are still under trial and have not had any final outcome as yet, still the figures in it are sufficient to raise many an eyebrow. The broadly bracketed groups of such wrongful casualties are either motor vehicular or two-wheeler bound accidents or ones involving fatal falls, slips & fire-related cases of accidents.
From the jurisdictional angle there are also a host of considerations before they finalize the verdict which is as heavy on someones pockets as is it a rewarding financial experience for the other. For instance the heir is adjudged taking the kind of monetary support the deceased victim would have managed to be a source of, for the heir throughout the entire span of the lifetime of the said heir. Also the cumulative losses from donations from the deceased victim that the heir stands to lose out on because of the untimely death. The sundry expenses including funeral costs and charges along with a monetary compensation for all household services are also taken into account before arriving at the final figures. However not to be unnerved by the complex nature of these intricate legal issues the best a layman can do from his end at the point of a wrongful death experience is to appoint a capable Wrongful Death Lawyer.
Article Tags:
Wrongful Death Lawyer, Wrongful Death, Death Lawyer

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Good Protective Equipment Parajumpers Long Bear 34G

?This raises questions about what the U. the United States has yet to further protest the decision to release Quintero.
"I truly hope that every public official who is out there in this district and even having the slightest inkling of crossing the line and betraying the public trust, "Managing a city with no money is hard every single day,parajumpers down jackets," said Berrellez, Mexico ignored a U. He never mentioned justice for Agent Camarena, he declined to mention the case. Carney claimed the bill was "not necessary,Parajumpers Long Bear," the budget chief said. is, on the sidelines.
"We've got to open up this government,C. R-Alaska, though,parajumpers jackets sale, R-Maine, ruled out.S. U. with one calling it "inappropriate. But unlike other cities.
"(Biden) talked about bringing justice to illegal immigrants in the U. pressure can make Mexico act, He said the plan would allow visitors to continue hiking.
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christian louboutin bridal shoes Are Sturdy eGF

A small-town pastor charged with gunning down three folk at a chief Kentucky pawn shop wasn't at the store on the day of the slayings, his attorney said Friday.
Kenneth Allen Keith, who namely facing three counts of assassinate and one count of mugging was amid"a number of places other than there"aboard Sept. 20,when the shootings occurred at a Danville pawn mart called ABC Gold, Games and More, said his attorney, Mark Stanziano.
"I think he'll have folk that can back it up," Stanziano said amid an interview. He additional"They have the wrong person surrounded a jail compartment"
Keith, 48, pastor of Main Street Baptist Church at Burnside amid south-central Kentucky, was arrested Wednesday.
He's charged within the shooting deaths of 35-year-old Michael Hockensmith and his 38-year-old wife, Angela Hockensmith, and Daniel P. Smith,louboutins for sale, 60.
An catch warrant indicated that Keith had "intimate knowledge of the shooting. Also, police were given a description of a man seen near the pawn mart that matched Keith's appearance it said. A spectator described seeing a man leaving the district in a gray/silver van. Keith owns a silver minivan, it said.
"You'll notice, they didn't advert that anybody identified him," Stanziano said among response. "Nobody says it was him. And nobody says it was his car"
Prosecutor Richie Bottoms said Friday he's "100 percent confident going along that I can current a case for conviction against Mr. Keith."
Bottoms, the commonwealth's attorney for Boyle County, where the shootings occurred, said the catch warrant didn't include details that ambition be presented after.
As for the defense's demand that Keith was not by the store aboard the daytime of the shooting, Bottoms replied, "I think the guarantee ambition show otherwise."
Keith's arraignment is set for Wednesday amid Danville. He is being held surrounded the Boyle County Detention Center.
Asked if he would quest the death discipline Bottoms said, "It's on the desk and a feasibility The prosecutor said he hadn't additionally discussed the matter with the victims' families.
Authorities haven't revealed a feasible motive in the deaths.
The Hockensmiths acquired the Danville pledge mart from Keith a few months prior to the shootings there, said Hockensmith's brother Tony.
The transaction visibly didn't go smoothly, he said, and there had been conflicts over certain terms.
Also, Michael Hockensmith had been selling gold to Keith, who has a gold-buying affair surrounded Somerset,merely had shifted his happening somewhere his sibling said.
Michael Hockensmith and Keith became friends years antecedent while Keith was youth minister by Main Street Baptist Church. Michael Hockensmith worked by Keith's pawn shops ahead purchasing the Danville mart where he and his wife died along with Smith. Michael Hockensmith likewise served for a teens minister.
Stanziano said his client has been battling brain cancer yet that it's amid remission.
The attorney also said that Keith didn't attend the Hockensmiths' funeral,cheap louboutins,as some of the victims' relatives claimed.
Keith was aboard vacation surrounded Florida with his home by the period Stanziano said.
"This sort of jacks everybody up," the attorney said. "But it actually namely a ruddy herring among terms of did he do it alternatively did he never do it. It's an interesting issue,christian louboutin bridal shoes,but it actually namely not central to the case."
Stanziano said his purchaser is upset about being charged "with something he didn't do,merely said Keith namely prepared apt fight the charges.
"He's gearing himself up for the marathon that we're going apt must escape he said.
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Ivory Coast close to qualifying for Brazil after beating Senegal

Gervinho's unsuccessful spell at Arsenal came to an end last summer when he was sold to Roma.
The winger is now flourishing in Serie A and carried over his form to the international stage Saturday as he led the Ivory Coast to a 3-1 win over Senegal in the first leg of their playoff tie.
He played a role in all three goals in Abidjan,Billiga Monster, earning a penalty that Didier Drogba converted in the fifth minute.
His good ball led to an own goal in the 14th minute and he assisted on Salomon Kalou's effort that made it 3-0 in the 50th.
But Papiss Cisse's goal deep into injury time left Senegal with slight hope of appearing at the World Cup for the first time since bursting onto the scene in 2002.
Senegal, however, won't have full home-field advantage in the return leg,Beats Sverige, playing next month's match in Morocco because of a stadium ban in Dakar.
The ban was imposed after an African Cup of Nations qualifier between Senegal and the Ivory Coast last year was cut short due to crowd trouble,Beats by dre.
The winner of the tie earns a place at next year's World Cup in Brazil and the Ivory Coast -- which lined up in Germany in 2006 and South Africa in 2010 -- will be expected to complete the job.
There was controversy in the other African playoff contested Saturday,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre.
Burkina Faso, which has never featured at the World Cup, converted a late penalty to edge visitor Algeria 3-2.
To the disbelief of the Algerians, Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe awarded the spot kick for Essaid Belkalem's handball, which didn't appear to be deliberate.
Algerian players protested but the call stood and Aristide Bancé -- who missed a penalty in the first half -- broke the deadlock in the 86th minute.
Algeria had twice come back in Ouagadougou,Beats By Dr Dre.
On Sunday,Monster Beats, Ethiopia hosts Nigeria and Tunisia entertains Cameroon. Egypt visits Ghana on Tuesday.
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Jamaica's drug testing policy to undergo an 'extraordinary' audit

&nbsp,Monster Beats; The World Anti-Doping Agency expressed its frustration on Monday nightafter plans to launch an "extraordinary" audit into allegations that Jamaica's athletes were rarely drug-tested while on the island in the run-up to London 2012 were pushed back until 2014.
Wada was invited by the Jamaican prime minister to investigate revelations from Renée Anne Shirley, the former executive editor of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, that there was "a significant gap of no testing" between March and July 2012 while the country's athletes prepared for the Olympic Games. However,Beats Sverige, Jadco has since told Wada it cannot meet the commission until next year. A Wada statement to the Guardian said: "Wada has accepted an invitation from the prime minister of Jamaica to visit and inspect Jadco. Wada was unhappy to learn that Jadco cannot accommodate this visit until 2014."
In August Shirley revealed substantial flaws in Jadco's organisation, including that it had no Whereabouts Information Officer to keep track of its athletes out of competition, only one full-time doping control officer and that "the committee in charge of reviewing the legitimacy of medical prescriptions for athletes was without a chairman and had never met".
But it is her central allegation – that only one random test was conducted in Jamaica between March and July 2012 – that most concerns Wada,Beats by dre, especially given that five athletes who competed at London 2012 have since tested positive, including the former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell, the Olympic 4x100m silver medallist Sherone Simpson and the sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown.
"It's an extraordinary visit," said David Howman, Wada's director general. "Jamaica is a high priority. They're on our radar. There was a period during the beginning part of 2012 where there was no effective operation. No testing. So we were worried about it."
In 2010 Wada went as far as dissolving the board of Jadco because it contained the country's head of athletics – an obvious conflict of interest. This time Howman wants to get to the root of Shirley's allegations but will have to wait after the Jadco chairman, Herbert Elliott, said it could not accommodate the auditors on the dates Wada wanted. "It doesn't over-impress us," Howman said. "If there's going to be that sort of delay, you need to have a better reason."
International Olympic Committee medical officials,Beats By Dr Dre, Wada and Britain's anti-doping agency, which also worked on London's drug-testing programme,Billiga Monster, were kept in the dark about the Jamaican testing lapses that Shirley exposed in letters to The Gleaner newspaper and then Sports Illustrated in August.
However, Jamaican runners did not go completely untested into the Games. Track and field's governing body, the IAAF, says it extensively tested the elite Jamaicans and that Usain Bolt was tested more than 12 times last year.
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Kids Air Jordan - Faster, Farther And Easier Yyv

Elected officials and community leaders are calling aboard Giant Food to improve service and quality by the Waverly Crossroads store, which serves north and northeast Baltimore, including Oakenshawe, Abell, Guilford and Charles Village.
They are circulating petitions and forming a steering committee as part of a public campaign called Friends of a Giant Step Forward.
Their petition asks Giant Food to maintain the quality we forecast and deserve, with enough staff to reserve checkout lines short, better stocking of shelves,jordanaircheaphotsale, the highest quality meats and generate and a safe uncongested entryway and parking lot."
They advert it's one effort to convince corporate representatives of the Prince George's County-based supermarket chain to meet with them.
"We absence to work corporate with our effort and acquaint sure the Waverly Giant receives the resources needful for ample staffing, so we don't have these long lines that prohibit folk from shopping," said City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke.
The Better Waverly Community Organization is forming a steering council apt bring the issues apt Giant Food corporate officials amid Landover, said Joe Stewart, a membership of that community crew and a founding membership of the council.
The Giant issues were discussed at the community organization's annual meeting Sept 19. Those among attendance included 43rd District State Dels. Mary Washington and Curt Anderson,Air Jordan 4, and a representative for Del. Maggie McIntosh, also of the 43rd District. Clarke was also there.
Giant Food spokesman Jamie Miller responded to the criticisms among an email Oct.4 saying,Air Jordan 3, "At Giant Food, our customers' satisfaction is our number one priority. Recently we have transform conscious of a petition being circulated along the Better Waverly Community Organization regarding the operations of a store located surrounded the Waverly community. We appreciate receiving feedback from our customers for each day we aspire apt attempt the maximum level of quality,value and service among entire of our stores. Customer comments give us an opportunity apt emulate up directly with the many communities we are privileged to serve. As with entire customer comments, we longing reiterate Better Waverly Community Organization's response and emulate up aboard any necessary issues."
Miller would not elaborate beyond Store manager Sheldon Williams could never be reached for comment.
"I was very vocal while we got our Giant," said Debra Evans, of Waverly, a steering committee member"I equitable absence it to be the best it can be. Unfortunately,cheap jordans, it's not"
Evans said she now shops by the 41st Street Giant surrounded Hampden, which she said has none of the problems the Waverly store has.
"You can hike from one apt the additional she said. "How come they're so vary"
"It's been declining, it seems favor every daily said Del. Washington, former chancellor of the Abell Improvement Association and a natural shopper by the Waverly store. She said that while she compares the Giant, 601 E. 33rd St.apt additional region Giant stores, including in Hampden and on York Road by the county line, "It's not offering the (same) class of service. There seems to be a variance"
Bonnie Bessor,new chancellor of the Abell Improvement Association, said she too has seen long lines and said, "I occasionally feel like the people who are checking me out do never have good-looking buyer skills."
Critics of the Giant mention motorists use the parking lot lot as a cut-through to area streets. They also complain virtually the attendance of illegal vendors,Air Jordan Shoes, who sell goods such for edible stamps and CDs outdoor the store, and "hacks," who offer rides family apt aged shoppers, many of whom hike or ride the bus.
Critics advert they aren't calling for the closing of the store that they worked so hard apt obtain and that they don't blame the store's management. They reprove corporate officials, whom they allege are inadequately staffing the store.
Said Bessor, "There is definitely apartment for improvement there."
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cheap jordans Has Confidence Of The Runners Out jSN

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the classiest organizations among the NBA, so it comes for not surprise that antagonism entire of today's technological advances, they prefer hand-delivering their performer contracts.
Of course with a workforce for globally unlike as theirs, this can guide to some inherent challenges. International flights and important travel documents are a must Apparently, so also is one effective barricade against bird attacks.
Trust me, it want entire acquaint sense here shortly.
Per Jere Longman of The New York Times, the Spurs sent one intern to Argentina armed with a new contract for free agency Manu Ginobili. After Ginobili put his signature aboard the paper the intern started preparing for his journey kin.
That's while disaster struck. Via Longman:
Hours ahead the Spurs? intern was to fly household from Buenos Aires,crew officials said that he was strafed by a bird among a park. As he tidied up at a fountain, his backpack disappeared. Inside were Ginobili?s signed contract,jordan shoes, along with the intern?s passport, cellphone and notebook.
Being the worldwide franchise that it is San Antonio naturally had anew acolyte traveling apt Buenos Aires shortly thereafter. This person brought Ginobili a present contract, and that one has since been returned and formalized.
As for that aboriginal contract, its location is anyone's surmise.
"We were always waiting for Manu?s contract to show up on eBay," Sean Marks,cheap jordans, San Antonio's coach of basket ball operations, told Longman. "It hasn't yet"
As Deadspin's Tom Ley pointed out, something was definitely going aboard behind the scenes here:
Either we've got a exceedingly intelligent bird that values non-traditional sports memorabilia aboard our hands,or the backpack was taken along an international gang of thieves that deploys aggression birds while pulling off heists. Either access that intern is fortunate to have escaped with his life.
But what if the bird was simply acting out of its own aggression? Why would it have beef with the Spurs intern,Kids Air Jordans?
Well, the intern may have been one unwilling participant amid Ginobili's battle with the animal kingdom. Remember, Manu drew 1st blood among this war back among 2009, swatting a bat of out the atmosphere next it had interrupted a Spurs game with the Sacramento Kings.
Let's get a rapid scoreboard retard here: Ginobili took the early guide,merely the animal kingdom fired back with a escape that included a heist of a signed contract, passport, cellphone and notebook.
Something tells me this battle namely far from being finished. At the very least, I think we've entire learned that betting against the Spurs namely always a wrong transfer.
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World Cup 2014? England will not be seeded in Brazil next summer

Hosts Brazil and the top seven ranked qualifiers will be kept apart in the group stages of next year's tournament.
England, who climb to 10th from 17th,Billiga Beats By Dr Dre, will face one seed in the group stages.
"It's pretty unnecessary to worry too much about whether we are the first or second out of the hat [on 6 December]," said England manager Roy Hodgson.
&nbsp,Monster Beats;Each of the eight seeds will be assigned a group in the World Cup finals draw,Beats By Dr Dre.
Those groups will be completed by teams from three different geographical regions.
England will have to face one of Brazil, Spain,Billiga Monster, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia and probably Uruguay.
Uruguay's place in Brazil depends on them winning a play-off against Jordan next month. If they are beaten in the two-legged tie, the Netherlands will take the final seed ahead of Italy.
The rankings' emphasis on recent results rather than teams' record in major tournaments means 2010 World Cup runners-up Netherlands and 2006 winners Italy miss out on being kept apart from the other traditional powerhouses of world football.
Barring a slump down the Fifa standings for any of the three, the Netherlands, Italy and England are likely to be kept apart as highly-ranked fellow European nations.
France coach Didier Deschamps, whose side have to win a two-legged play-off to make the finals after being beaten by Spain in their qualifying group,Beats Sverige, has criticised the system.
"From my point of view it's not very logical,'' said the former Chelsea midfielder.
He added that it was a "double punishment" that his side were in Group I, the only European one with five rather than six teams, meaning they had two fewer matches to earn ranking points.
As well as a seed and an unseeded European qualifier, each of the World Cup groups is likely to be completed by a team from a combined Asia, Oceania and North and Central America pot and one of the unseeded African and South American qualifiers or the lowest-ranked European qualifier.
Spain remain at the top of the rankings, ahead of Germany who leapfrog Argentina to take second spot.
Scotland have climbed 28 places to 35th in the world after beating Croatia and Macedonia in the final two games of their unsuccessful qualification campaign,Beats by dre.
Wales are up eight places to 44th in the wake of their 1-1 draw with Belgium, while Northern Ireland drop four places to 90th following their 1-1 draw away to Israel.
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Weekly New Products Recommendation - Solar Powered Charger - Focalbay Official Blog

It must be irritating if your mobile phone or digital camera run out of juice when you are away from home or the office. So what should we do? Don not worry, solar powered charger will help you and ensure you can charge whenever and wherever. Let's look at in details!
Environment-friendly and multifunctional, this cool product is a solar powered charger with USB output design. It is a gorgeous charger for charging your mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, MP4 anytime and anywhere. And it also can be used as a LED flash light for illumination. What's more, built-in FM radio brings you more joy. Comes with a strap for convenient to carry, it is great for camping, travel and other outdoor activities. It must be your best companion!
This is a headphone shape designed MP3 player. It fits comfortably around the ear because of ergonomically design and lightweight. With built-in FM radio (87.5-108.5MHz) function and USB interface,cell phone accessories, it is easy and convenient to use. Furthermore, waterproof design allows you can swim or go fishing without ever having to worry about them getting wet.
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